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Congratulations to all the 2019 Matriculants!

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  • January 9, 2020
Congratulations to all the 2019 Matriculants!

You have spent the last twelve years feeding and expanding your brain to unlock your potential and open the door to your future. In a society offering countless directions for you to follow, it can feel overwhelming. Over the years, you may have asked yourself “What do I want to be when I grow up? What should I do when I leave school?”

Answering these few questions may help you:

  • Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to operate your own business?
  • Are you savvy and hard-working, with a passion for people and building relationships?
  • Do you want to determine how much money you earn?
  • Would you like to work flexible hours, independently and/or in a team?

If you have answered yes to all 4 questions, exploring a career in the real estate industry may be the perfect option. Don’t be fooled, successful real estate agents are not just extroverts able to sell ice to Eskimos! There are many different characteristics that contribute to success in the property sector, and the most important factors are a love and passion for people and property.

At Property.CoZa we refer to our real estate agents as Property Professionals. We believe that each person in our network is a specialist in their field and form a part of the business as a partner. All our Property Professionals work towards building their business and real estate career and would not be satisfied with an 8 to 5 job.

We are not saying that it is a quick and easy process to become a Property Professional, sell houses and make quick, easy money. Work, focus and determination are required and, there are professional qualifications to achieve and rules and regulations by the Estate Agency Affairs Board EAAB) must be adhere to. Recognized real estate qualification programs ensure that the industry is reputable and that qualified specialists provide a professional service to their clients.

This is what you need to do to become a Property Professional at Property.CoZa:

  1. Join a reputable real estate agency to work with. You can contact any of our offices across South Africa and join the team where you will be mentored and supported by sales and office managers.
  2.  Once registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board, your one-year internship period starts. During this year you must complete the EAAB Logbook. This is essentially evidence that is put together in a structured manner to prove to the EAAB that you have completed specific on-the-job practical tasks as an Intern Agent and have gained some valuable workplace experience.
  3. During the Internship year you also need to comply with the formal educational requirement of obtaining an academic qualification, at Matric level, called Further Education and Training Certificate NQF 4 Real Estate. Unlike the EAAB Logbook, this training is offered by accredited Services SETA Training Service Providers and a fee is payable to obtain this qualification.
  4. Once this Services SETA certificate is obtained, you will be required to pass the Professional Designation Examination (PDE). This is a four-hour open-book examination based on the work done and studied during your Internship period. When you have passed this examination, you will be able to use the designation PPRE (Professional Practitioner Real Estate) and operate without the assistance of your mentor agent.
  5. On-going compliance is also essential in the real estate industry. All qualified agents, PPREs, must register and complete their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) cycles, monitored over 3 years. CPD is like life-long learning and agents are required to keep up to date with prescribed legislation and the real estate environment.

Visit our website at and contact your closest Property.CoZa office to find out more about pursuing a career in Real Estate.

Source: EAAB

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