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Here are more pointers to consider:

  • Property.CoZa will provide you with a list of required documents necessary for the sales and registration process.
  • Ask your agent to assist you with FICA compliance in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act No. 38 of 2001.
  • Ask your Attorney about clearance figures well in advance: in certain instances they can at an early stage request clearance figures from your municipality and advise you if there are any disputes or pending issues with the municipality which might delay your transfer unnecessarily. Feedback time may vary depending on the relevant municipality.

As a seller, remember to budget for the following expenses:

  • Bond cancellation costs – attorney fee (this is not the early settlement charges).
  • Clearance figures issued by the council for three to six months in advance.
  • Fees for obtaining clearance certificate from the council.
  • Levy clearance figures issued by managing agents (if applicable).
  • Levy clearance figures issued by Home Owners Association (if applicable).
  • The fee charged by the attorney and sheriff to uplift an interdict registered over the property (if applicable).