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Finding the Right Rental Agent for your Property

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  • November 30, 2022
Finding the Right Rental Agent for your Property

Finding the appropriate Estate Agent Rental Specialist is of utmost importance in growing and securing your property financial investment.  This is true whether you have one property or a whole portfolio of  properties.

Service Package

Ensure that the service package offered by your Rental Specialist is the correct one for you.  It is important to decide if you want a hands on approach in the letting of your property/properties or would prefer the entire  management of your property to be handled by your rental specialist. Once you are aware of the level of service you need, you will be better placed to make the right decision for your home or business.

Many agents offer the following plans:

Let only – This is perfect for those who are treating their investments as their primary source of income and/or main business. Professional landlords have the time and knowledge to manage their properties themselves so letting only is often the preferred option and lessens the costs involved.

Rent collection – Some landlords are happy to handle the running aspects of property management but wish to remain hands-off when it comes to the financial side. Rent Collection is the best option in this case. It’s also worth bearing in mind that many tenants will prioritise payments to an agent over an individual.

Full management – This service level is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to have an investment that practically takes care of itself and a hands-off experience. A dedicated property management team will deal with all of the everyday tasks associated with being a landlord.  The costs are higher but very suitable for busy individuals who don’t have the time to run their property portfolio expertly.


A Rental Specialist is aware of all the legalities encompassing the rental process.  Credit checks on tenants, ensuring that the property remains compliant.  Drawing up the Lease Agreement with clauses to protect the owner and tenant.  These all form a crucial role in a successful rental


All estate agents have to register with the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA), previously known as the EAAB, when they become agents and have to re-register by 31 October. The board issues the estate agent with a Fidelity Fund Certificate, which is proof that the agent is registered and the bottom of the certificate contains a tear-off section that the agent can keep on hand as portable proof of registration. Having a Rental Agent who stays on top of the most recent legal and procedural developments through ongoing training is the best way for landlords to protect their property and stay within regulation.


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When it comes to fees, the amount that you’re expected to pay can vary dramatically agent to agent. Make sure that you are fully aware and have up to date information of all fees you may incur. It is equally important to take a look at the bigger picture when you come to make your final decision as the cheapest is very seldom the best.


Finding a good Rental Agent is imperative.  Research which agents are busy in your localised area. Research their social media platforms, their websites and listen out for testimonials.  A  good Rental Agent will ensure that your property is let out in the least amount of time. As long as you are clear about what you need and understand the fine print, you will be able to find the appropriate Rental Agent to suit your needs.


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Why do you need a rental agent?

A rental agent will make sure the right tenant is chosen as well as check on the landlord’s property frequently.

What are rental agents’ responsibilities?

The agent works for the landlord of a property to find a suitable tenant. They will draft property particulars, market the property, conduct viewings and deal with the formalities of referencing and drafting the tenancy agreement.



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