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How Do I Add a New User to LMS

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  • March 30, 2020
How Do I Add a New User to LMS

1. Log into your Navigator profile
2. Go to LMS
3. Click on Agency on the left-hand bar
4. Click on Add Personnel (button is on the middle panel above the user list)
5. Add the following details:
– Username (full email address)
– Password (create password for your agent, don’t use special characters (e.g. #@$*&))
– Confirm password
– First Name (only the name used in email address (calling name))
– Last Name
– Title
– ID number
– Date of Birth
– Email
– Cellphone
– Work Number

6. Click on Next
– Primary Agency is automatically selected
– Tick the Receive weekly reports option
– Add commission info if possible
– Under Linked Agencies: Tick the tickbox for the (primary) agency as well

7. Click on Next
– Add photo
– Add description

8. Click on Submit

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