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How Do I Obtain My Login Information

  • FAQ
  • May 29, 2020
How Do I Obtain My Login Information


The agent’s login information is provided by the Office Administrator:

 The username and password is provided for:

• An email account;
• Navigator

• Email account login will provide your Property.CoZa email address and a password.

o Email accounts and passwords are requested by your office administrator;
o Passwords are purposely difficult for security reason.
o No one keeps a copy of your email password and losing the password means a reset must be requested by your office administrator.
o A reset is not provided by the Property.CoZa Support but from our service provider.

• Navigator password will be created by your office administrator.

o The username and password is held by your office administrator and Support will not be able to assist you with this.

• To login to Property.CoZa Navigator:

o Select this URL (or type into your web browser):
It is not advisable to store/save bookmarks and shortcuts to Navigator unless you regularly perform good “housekeeping” for your browser.
o At least once a month or sooner if you are battling to gain access to systems, it is necessary to clear your browser history, cache and cookie information.
o To do this, visit Knowledge Base FAQs and see the instructions to clear browsing history.
o You can also follow this link:

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