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How Does Matchmaking Work?

  • MyCoZa FAQ
  • April 20, 2022
How Does Matchmaking Work?

At Property.CoZa we are not salespeople, we are matchmakers! We introduce people to homes till they fall in love with that one special property. In order to match a buyer with that one special property, you need to get to know your buyer and their requirements. To achieve this, it is important that you do not assume your buyer is informed about real estate when you start working with them.

Matching a buyer with their ideal property is not an exact science. It is for this reason that property professionals will never be fully replaced by technology. There is a lot of emotion involved in this process. Buyers need to be guided up to a point where their expectations and reality meet common ground.

Our matchmaking tool assists you to match your buyers with potential listings but as with any software program, the output is only as good as the information input.

MyCoZa offers you more than one feature when it comes to matchmaking.


Matchmaking Notifications

Firstly, on the dashboard you have the matchmaking notifications. These notifications are automated and updated daily between 5am and 6am. This section notifies you of any of your own listings match with any of your own buyers. If you load a new listing and there are matching buyers, or if you load a new buyer and there are matching listings in your own portfolio you will be notified here.

MyCoZa - Matchmaking Image 1

Below this section is a notification in case any of your colleagues added a new listing matching any of your buyers criteria or if you added a buyer with matching criteria to any of your colleagues listings.

These notifications are click-through or simply go to the alerts tab and tap on matchmaking. Your matchmaking notifications are displayed as follows:

Matchmaking Notifications


All listing matches are grouped per buyer, the matched listings are displayed starting with the highest matched score going down to the lowest score.

Note: These are only notifications. Only daily new matches will appear here. If a new buyer, listing or any matchmaking criteria changes were made, the notification will appear here.

If your buyer has more than one listing match and you also have a listing match, you will find it within the grouped listings and your own listing is highlighted for convenience.

Matchmaking Notifications - Details

Swiping right on one of the matches will give you the following options:

  • Create a single brochure choosing from any of the available templates and quickly emailing your buyer the brochure.
    Note: Make sure you have correctly loaded the buyers email address when capturing their details.
  • View a full listing report in order to study or familiarize yourself with the listing
  • Conveniently view the listing on on our website

Once you have opened a new matchmaking notification the red dot will disappear, meaning you have already viewed the notification.

It is possible that a buyer will have more potential matching listings. To see those results, you must use the manual matchmaking feature of MyCoZa


Manual Matchmaking

Manual matchmaking is broken down into two sections:

  1. Matching your own buyers with all the listings in the group
  2. Matching any of your own listings with any one of your own buyers

The information in these two sections is real time and up to date.


Matching any one of your own buyers with the listings in the group:

All your buyers are listed here. Follow the tooltip information provided here


Buyers List
Matchmaking Details - Legend


You can swipe right on any of the buyers in the list to get the following options:

  • Edit Buyer – This will let you edit the buyers information
  • Send Top 6 Matches – All the listing matches will be available here and you can tick the listings you want to send to the buyer in an email. You can choose up to 6 listings to be sent in one email to your buyer. You can however choose less than 6. Click on the listing to quickly view it on the website. Click on the back arrow to return. Make your selections till you have chosen up to 6 listings and then click on submit. You will be presented with a summary so you can check the if the selected listings are correct and when you are happy with the selection, click on submit. Wait for the pop-up message confirming the email has been generated and then click on Send Now and it will automatically close once you are finished.

Click on any buyer to see how they match against all listings in the group. The same as with the notifications the results are ranked from highest match to lowest. You can swipe right on any of the matches to:

  • Send a single brochure from any of the templates to your buyer at the click of a button
  • View a full listing report
  • View on website
  • Mark as Shown to Buyer or Tennant. Green means you have marked the listing as shown


Matching one of your own listings to your own buyers

Scroll till you have found your chosen listing. Click on the listing. All the buyers in your buyer list that match with this listing are displayed here. Swipe right on the buyer and you will be presented with the following two options:

  • Send the Buyer a Brochure
  • Edit the buyers’ details

You can also quick call or quick email the buyer.

Once you are done click back or click on the Dashboard tab.

Now you have seen all the matchmaking features in MyCoZa. Please read on to see how the matchmaking rankings are calculated.

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