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How to Check and Verify a Property Address on Google Maps

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  • June 1, 2020
How to Check and Verify a Property Address on Google Maps

How to check and verify a property address on Google Maps V1.2

In Step 1 (Property Address) when capturing a new listing, the agent starts by adding the address in the Property Location field.

Most of the information that is captured in Property Location will populate to the address details on the right of the screen.

Not all the information will display as e.g. the street number for the property in the Property Location field was not added, and if one tries to proceed to the next step, it won’t happen as there are incomplete fields.

If the address information is not correctly captured, this is where one will encounter an issue with the listing.

Let’s look at the actual information that must be captured which will show the correct information when linking the property to the other portals.

1. If you type in an address without the street number in Property Location, you must add the correct street number in the Street Number Field on the right hand side of the screen. This is also a compulsory field for Private Property but
also, since P24 instituted the correct and exact pin on the map to be inserted, a mandatory field for this portal.
2. Often City and Suburb displays incorrect or not at all in these fields and must be corrected and the easiest way to do this, is to correct the information that populated with the Address Location.
3. The most important fields then are the Latitude, Longitude and Display Location and Address on Map. This is the PIN on the map and if the above is incorrect, due to the incorrect address details the incorrect PIN will show.
4. The easiest way to check the longitude and latitude details is to go to Google Maps (see example below)

Check that you type in the actual address, street number and name, suburb and city in the search field;
Once you have done this, right click on the PIN and select “What’s Here?” and the address, with longitude and latitude details will show. This is what you use to verify the address for your listing UNLESS this is completely wrong. See below.

If the longitude and latitude details are not the same as on your Listing at the bottom right of your listing, you need to change the information in these field, however, if this is completely wrong, you need to manually search the address on Google Maps and see what the geocodes are.
This will ensure that you have the correct details and that the PIN on your map is correct.

The pop-up below will show once you select ‘What’s here?’

The correct longitude and latitude codes are shown for the listing.


5. If you have a unit in an estate, one can only benefit by applying step 4 above as the listing will not be blocked by the other portals because they have flagged the listing as a duplicate.

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