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  • October 26, 2020

In order to have access to the MARKETING & BRANDING material, please follow these procedures:

  • Open the DMS (Document Management System) on Navigator,
  • Open the Folder MARKETING & BRANDING,
  • In this folder, there are various subfolders. Click on the Folder name. This will open the subfolders within these folders.
  • It is important to open all these folders to familiarise yourself with what is available as template examples.
  • For example, should you wish to order a Business card, click on the Folder name Marketing and Branding – Corporate Identity Designs, Corporate Stationary, Business Cards side:

  • Once you Open Business Cards, there is also a folder Guidelines for Business cards. If you open that folder, you will have access to a pdf presentation with guidelines on the various options of business cards with instructions as well as reference numbers for each option. You can use this reference number to easily search for the actual template. If the option you chose is for example BCF003, insert the reference number in the SEARCH bar on the top section of the DMS system and press ENTER on your keyboard. The template will appear below on your screen, easily accessible. You therefore do not have to search by opening each folder and subfolder.


  • Click on Download save the template and e‐mail it to your printer.
  • The template is in an open pdf format. This means that your printer will be able to make the necessary changes to the template i.e. Name, Surname, contact details, photo etc. The size of the
  • business card is already part of the template as he receives it.
  • You have to stipulate the paper quality though. The minimum standard is Titan HIQ gloss 350gsm.
  • Apart from using the Search feature on top, you can open each folder and view each template until you are happy with the option you wish to download.
  • In relation to boards, business cards and stickers, our preferred and approved service providers already have these templates. You therefore do not have to send them the actual template every time. You simply have to send him the description. To be on the safe side and to avoid miscommunication, rather send a print screen of the design of your choice.
  • Always sign off the proofs of your designs before you actually place the order.
  • Should you wish to find a Newspaper template for example, click on the Folder named MARKETING & BRANDING, MARKETING & BRANDING NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING PRINT MEDIA – LAYOUT EXAMPLES.

  • On the right hand side, you will see various different newspaper / print media template examples.
  • Scroll through them and choose which template/s you want to use or which one is the closest to the one you require.
  • E‐mail the name/s of the template/s you wish to use (especially the code at the end i.e. News001) to [email protected]
  • Stipulate in your e‐mail that you require a similar template for your office and quote the code provided.
    Stipulate the:
    o media/newspaper name you are planning to advertise in,
    o exactly the size of the template (i.e. 200mmx260mm) and,
    o in what format your print media company/newspaper company requires the template. In most cases they accept open pdf format files or ai. files.
    o Be specific with your requests. The more detail you provide of your requirements the easier and faster it is to assist you. That is why we give the template examples.
    o If you require a variation to the example, be specific in your e‐mail of what you require to be changed. If you have examples, scan and include them in your e‐mail.
  • If you are uncertain about the printing company’s requirements, rather include their contact details in the e‐mail to assist us to contact them in order to verify.
  • If you only require the template layout, please stipulate this. This is in cases where the newspaper company will insert the pictures and text on your behalf. Sometimes they will charge you for it and sometimes not. In this case we will design the template for you and forward it to you to forward to them. You will thereafter be responsible to submit the correct property photos + text every week according to their deadline to them directly. Design cost of your template/s will be at a cost of R350 per hour (subject to change). You will be billed directly by Property.CoZa South Africa for the set‐up of your template/s. The set‐up of your templates will in most cases be a once off since you will be able to use the same template again.
  • Once your tailored template has been designed and forwarded to you, it will be loaded on DMS under BRANDED MATERIAL – YOUR OFFICE NAME. Under this folder you will find:
    o Advertising: Your tailored templates will be loaded here. As and when we design new tailored material with your office details on it, we will upload it here for easy access,
    o Letterhead and Fax: Your tailored letterhead etc will be loaded here,
    o Logos: Your own office’s logo will be loaded here.

  • [email protected] is there to assist, give advice on existing marketing material and to assist with new template design requests and to approve these new requests. As and when we design and approve new templates or brochures or flyers etc, they will be loaded together with the other examples onto DMS in order to give you a better idea of what is available.


  • It is very important that you familiarise yourself regularly with what is available on DMS as well as CRM. New templates/brochures/flyers etc are constantly being designed and uploaded.
  • Please note that a two week lead time is required to design/develop any new templates/designs/flyers, after all the information required has been received from you.
  • Offices may not copy and paste portions of a design/template and make up their own designs. Each and every template/newspaper ad/flyer/brochure etc has to be pre‐approved by HQ by forwarding it to [email protected] in advance for approval. Should HQ deem the design not to be according to our CI requirements, you will be notified and given the option for HQ to redesign the template for you. Redesigning costs will be for your own account. A lead time of two weeks will apply to redesign the template.
  • Any marketing or branding material used which has not been pre‐approved by HQ will be in contravention of our CI policy. HQ reserves the right to request you to remove unauthorised branded items with immediate effect, at your own costs or to request you to cease using any unauthorised marketing material with immediate effect, also at your own costs. HQ also reserves the right to implement a fine structure for offices who do not adhere to the prescribed CI, Marketing and Branding procedures, as prescribed from time to time.
  • It is each and every Sales Manager’s responsibility to ensure that his/her agents are familiarised with these procedures and rules and that they adhere to it at all times.

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