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Procedures for when a team splits V1.0

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  • December 14, 2020
Procedures for when a team splits V1.0

PLEASE NOTE: The reason for a number of listings remaining on portals is due to teams not being disbanded correctly. If the above process is not done correctly, listings remain on other portals and it becomes difficult to trace and have them removed at a later stage.

  • On the Dashboard, select the agent and check all his/her listings
  • As can be seen from the agent above, there are no listings under her name and all the listings are linked to teams. Make a note of the listing numbers to correct afterwards if applicable.
  • Each listing for the person leaving the team must be edited. In this case, Angelique is leaving the team.
  • The ‘team field’ must be changed to ‘Please Select”
  • The listing is now Saved without it being linked to a team.
  • Once all the Team fields are cleared and the agent’s listings are no longer linked to any team, then the Team must be corrected. You can check this by going back to the Dashboard, selecting the team and checking that there is no other agent’s name showing for their listings.
  • Click on Agency and select Teams. The team including Angelique is made inactive.
  • The team that is splitting up must be made Inactive and a new Team with the remaining parties must be created. (Remember, Angelique was leaving the team)
  • A new team is created for existing members if this is the case, or if there were only two members in the team, then disable the team.
  • All agents’ listings for the new team (if applicable) must then be corrected by selecting the new team for any listings that they had linked to the team that separated. This will also be the case where an agent was part of a team, but now no longer part of any team. Then they must no longer be linked to the team.

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