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PropInsights: Real Estate Revelations

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  • January 15, 2024
PropInsights: Real Estate Revelations

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8 Terrific tactics to sell your Cape Town home

The art of selling your home goes beyond traditional advice. We asked a local property expert in the Atlantic Seaboard to help sellers embrace these tactics and craft a strategy to elevate their home-selling experience in Cape Town’s surging property market.

When selling your home, the perfect timing can significantly impact the outcome. But beyond conventional considerations, there are other important factors to maximise your chances and property profits, says astute real estate professional Sandy Walsh, General Manager of Property.CoZa Prestige in Mouille Point.


1. Seasonal spotlight

The pulse of Cape Town’s property market dances to the rhythm of its seasons, and so do potential buyers. Walsh says tapping into the psychology of weather and holidays can set the stage for success.
“If you find yourself showcasing your home in mid-winter, transform it into a warm haven with good lighting, fresh flowers, a crackling fire, and the aroma of fresh coffee.”

Capture the charm of your outdoor spaces in spring/summer and ensure your property photographer highlights these features for optimal appeal. Remember, shorter winter days influence after-hours traffic through your home, so plan accordingly.


2. Academic allure

Walsh comments that proximity to good schools is one of the golden tickets in real estate.
If your property is in such an area, kickstart the selling process six months before the school year commences.
She explains this strategic timing attracts parents eager to secure a home in the Atlantic Seaboard near quality education institutions like the top independent private school, Reddam House, in Green Point.

“The average timeline for selling and registering a property aligns well with this preparatory period, boosting your chances of attracting the right audience.”

An experienced Property Professional can assist you with a comparative market analysis to present your property at the best price to the market, and it would be expected to sell within 30 days of listing.

“Transfer of ownership should not take longer than 90 days from signing an offer to handing over the keys,” explains Walsh.


3. Prepping for profit

Ensuring your property shines in the market requires meticulous preparation. Invest time and effort in critical repairs and enhancements to present your home in the best possible light. Collaborate closely with a real estate agent you trust who is familiar with your suburb’s trends.
“Their insights can be invaluable in crafting a winning strategy tailored to your property’s unique selling points,” Walsh remarks.


4. Economic empathy

The heartbeat of property prices in the Atlantic Seaboard echoes the rhythm of supply and demand. Consider the broader economic context influencing buyer behaviour.
During economic downturns, when financial strains tighten buyer budgets, the demand for property may dip, impacting prices.

“Keep a keen eye on interest rates, as lower rates enhance buying power and elevate the demand for real estate,” remarks Walsh.

She adds that if financial stress is a factor in your sale, seek advice from financial advisors and local property experts to navigate the complexities.


5. Power of planning

Understanding the intricate dance of timing in property sales requires strategic planning. Factor in the time needed to prepare your home, navigate critical repairs, and align your goals with realistic outcomes. Walsh says that working closely with your real estate agent is crucial in establishing a harmonious plan that attracts potential buyers and increases the likelihood of profitable results.


6. Connectivity considerations

Cape Town’s landscape includes various suburbs with different levels of connectivity. Consider emphasising the accessibility and connectivity of your property. “Whether proximity to reliable public transportation, major roadways, stable Wi-Fi infrastructure or upcoming development projects (think new retail hubs or road improvements), these can significantly influence a buyer’s decision.”
The unique geography of the Mother City makes accessibility a key factor for many residents, and highlighting these aspects can make your property more appealing.


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7. Leverage the lifestyle

Cape Town is globally renowned for its vibrant lifestyle and diverse cultural scene. Incorporate local events, festivals, and community activities into your selling strategy. Showcase your property’s lifestyle opportunities, such as proximity to popular cultural events, markets, or recreational spaces.

“Positioning your property as not just a home but as a gateway to the unique Cape Town lifestyle can attract buyers seeking a holistic living experience,” explains Walsh.


8. Showcase water sustainability

Cape Town’s focus on water sustainability is both an innovative environmental initiative and a potential selling point. Highlighting water-efficient features in your home, such as rainwater harvesting systems, greywater recycling, or water-wise landscaping, can attract environmentally conscious buyers.
With the Mother City’s history of water scarcity, showcasing your property’s water-wise amenities can set it apart in the market.
Walsh concludes by saying it makes sense to consider that these additional factors can make your property stand out. “In the ever-evolving landscape of Cape Town’s real estate market, providing potential buyers with compelling reasons to choose your home over others can result in a successful and profitable sale.”

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