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THURSDAY THREADS: Cape Town’s Property Tapestry

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  • January 25, 2024
THURSDAY THREADS: Cape Town’s Property Tapestry

Balancing Proptech and personal connections in real estate

Innovative and dynamic property technology (proptech) has become an essential driver in real estate. But technology alone cannot surpass the human factor in property transactions. Real estate expert Sandy Walsh explains why maintaining a respectful balance between proptech and authentic human relationships is still essential in Cape Town’s fast-evolving real estate landscape.

Walsh, who is the General Manager of the Property.CoZa’s Prestige franchise office on the Atlantic Seaboard asserts that embracing innovation is crucial. Her views highlight a pivotal truth – the irreplaceable role of authentic human relationships in property transactions.

With 25 years of industry expertise, Walsh champions the idea that “humanising growth is the key to success and profitability in real estate.”

Humanising Technology

Sandy Walsh, GM Property.CoZa Prestige

“Trust, honesty, and reliable communication are the building blocks of lasting relationships, nurtured through face-to-face interactions. While proptech is indispensable, it cannot overshadow the human touch,” Walsh asserts.

Following her recent appointment as GM at Property.CoZa’s flagship Atlantic Seaboard franchise office, Walsh, brings enthusiasm and leadership to the forefront.

As an industry leader, Walsh says she has witnessed “astounding” developments, technological innovation and changes in property legislation and authorities.

Proptech fuels sellers’ success

She stresses that achieving a respectful balance between authentic human relationships and proptech is still vital in the real estate industry.

“It’s important for sellers to understand the significant benefit of these crucial, user-friendly proptech tools when marketing their properties,” remarks Walsh.

She comments that while “people still do business with people they like, trust and respect,”  the proptech tools used by #PropertyCoZaPrestige enhance the property selling experience by generating leads and matching buyers to listings, CRM, and SEO-driven websites.

But proptech isn’t just a buzzword; according to a SAPOA survey, over 86% believe in the collaboration between traditional real estate and proptech.

Walsh points out that the company’s use of proptech tools elevates the selling experience, generating leads, matching buyers to listings, and enhancing overall productivity.
In addition, Property.CoZa Prestige’s IT systems, dynamic proptech, and all the other national franchise offices under the Property.CoZa umbrella ─ support smarter business practices and enhance productivity.

“Our experience at our Property.CoZa Prestige office in the Atlantic Seaboard has shown how proptech can improve client responsiveness and help our real estate agents interact more effectively with their buyers and sellers.”

Tech Toolbox

Walsh points out that with the Prestige office’s access to the company’s 11 user-friendly IT systems and tools, its commitment to innovation is designed to boost productivity and responsiveness. From matchmaking tools to lead generation and CRM, these tools are pivotal in the agent’s toolkit for effective property marketing.

Seeking solutions for every need is the heartbeat of real estate progress in real estate, according to Walsh.

“In this industry, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why I aim to find the best solutions tailored to each person’s unique needs and situations, whether they are agents, sellers, or buyers.”

Building Success Through Balance

Walsh says that with a growth mindset fuelling her optimistic outlook, prioritising authentic relationships while harnessing prop-tech’s benefits is the key to sustained real estate success in the real estate industry.

“As my real estate journey continues to unfold in the Atlantic Seaboard area, my purpose is to continue developing success in others through team building, education and skills development training,” she concludes.

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