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User is Unable to Upload mp4 Video to a Listing

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  • December 10, 2021
User is Unable to Upload mp4 Video to a Listing

User is unable to load mp4 video to a listing – It loads but does not submit.

Upload Error

Response from Developer: There is no max file size but preferably less than 70MB.

Please check the following regarding your virtual tour:

NB – Virtual tours can take up to 24 hours to upload to YouTube. Virtual tours must be in the correct MP4 format.

  • Virtual tours must contain interior photos of the property or will be blocked by P24.
  • If your MP4 video loads but does not submit, then check the following: What is the size of the file as videos should preferably be less than 100MB?
  • To check this, hover over the file where you saved the video to see the size.
  • Videos larger than 100Mb will possibly not upload or take a very long time to upload.
  • Make the video smaller in size – Google “how to decrease the size of a video”.
  • The video should not run for longer than 1 (one) minute as this will also prevent it from uploading.

Make the video shorter with less information.

The above are the only reasons for a virtual tour to not upload.


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