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How to Upload a VIRTUAL TOUR V1.0

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  • July 10, 2020
How to Upload a VIRTUAL TOUR V1.0

• With the first version of Virtual Tour uploads, a video will be uploaded to our Youtube account. Once the YouTube link is available, the video will appear on the Property.CoZa website.
• To transfer this video to Property24, the Office Administrator or Sales Manager (OA/SM) can use the YouTube link to upload the video onto Property24, via Agent Zone.
• A Virtual Tour can only be uploaded to an existing listing. i.e. a listing that has already been created. Therefore, a Virtual Tour can only be uploaded while using LMS View/Edit Listing.
• Only one Virtual Tour per listing can be uploaded. If a second video is uploaded, this will overwrite the first video.
• Only videos in the M4 (mpeg/mp4) format are currently supported for upload. Matterport 3D videos require uploading by the Matterport service providers to Property.CoZa, Property24 and Private Property.
• The video, depending on its size, can take up to 10 minutes to upload, depending on your internet speed.
• Once a video has been successfully uploaded, it will start the process of transferring to YouTube, and this may take from 4 to 24 hours, depending on the size of the video.
• The YouTube link will be made available once the video has been saved on YouTube and a Notification will appear on your LMS Notifications to advise you.
• Check your listing and view your video on the Property.CoZa website for quality.
• The link that appears on the website and LMS notifications can be copied and used for different applications, e.g. send this to your OA/SM to add to Property24, use the link to send with a WhatsApp message to potential buyers, add this link to your social media platforms.
• LMS Virtual Tours is not available to transfer to Private Property in v1.0 and will be available in the future.
• If you are making videos for Virtual Tours, make use of the CRM Video Templates that can be used to personalise your video intro and outro. Save these CRM templates as images to add to your video.
• Quality photos and branding may be included in these videos however, for Property24 specifically, there must be an element of real video footage and movement in the video.
• Virtual tours and videos offer browsing buyers an overview of the property and will improve your quality score on Property24.
Please note the systems information provided as you use Virtual Tour, these have been provided to guide you.

Use the CRM video template to personalise your Intros and Outros for your videos

Example of video Intro template
Videos can be created using a camera or phone or may be produced by a professional videographer. There are many Apps, like iMovie on iPhones or Vine on Androids, that can be used to create quality videos using a phone. You can also add music, a voice over and use your personalised templates. If you are not able to do this yourself, you may need to employ the services of a professional to put your video together for you.
Uploading a video to LMS Virtual Tour
1. On the LMS Dashboard, select the listing and click on View/Edit Listing.
2. Once the listing is open, click on Virtual Tour.
Then click on Add Virtual Tour.
3. Click on Browse. This will take you to your own Files so that you can select your video from your Videos file, much the same when you select photos from your Photo file for Listings. When you have selected the video, it will start to upload your video. The message on this screen will guide you on the timings.
Once the video has been uploaded, click on submit to upload this to our YouTube account.
4. Once the video has been submitted, a revolving marker will appear on the screen. The upload time will depend on the size of the video, and a notification will appear on LMS Notifications when the video is available.
5. Once the upload is complete, the YouTube link will be displayed on the screen and the video will be available on the Property.CoZa website (Not automatically on Property24 or Private Property for v1.0)
6. A notification will appear on LMS Notifications when the upload has been completed. Hover your cursor over the link and Select Copy Link Location. This will allow you to paste this link to any document, social media, sms or WhatsApp, if these media are available and open on your laptop.
7. Send a copy of the link, via email, to your OA/SM, requesting that the video is sent to Property24 for upload.
Only an OA/SM can arrange the transfer of the link to Property24 for Virtual Tour v1.0.
8. If your social media platforms, like Facebook and WhatsApp, are available on your laptop, you can simply copy the YouTube link to any of your social media platforms.

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