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What Buyers and Tenants should Expect when Viewing a Property – Alert Level 3

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  • June 1, 2020
What Buyers and Tenants should Expect when Viewing a Property – Alert Level 3

Our Property Professionals will adopt the REBOSA guidelines, in terms of the health and safety protocols required by real estate agents resuming activities at Alert Level 3 on 1st June. The safety of Sellers and Landlords as well as prospective Buyers or Tenants wishing to view a property is a priority, and our Property Professionals will also be screened regularly.

  • Technological options such as digital photographs, videos and tours should be shared with prospective Buyers or Tenants.
  • Based on the information a prospective Buyer or Tenant receives from the various digital resources, a request for a physical viewing may be granted. Viewings will be by appointment only and prospective Buyers and Tenants should be pre-approved before viewing, limiting the amount of people viewing a property. The Property Professional and the prospective Buyer or Tenant will travel to the viewing separately.
  • Only one Property Professional will accompany the prospective Buyer or Tenant through a property following social distancing requirement, including the use of cloth facemasks and sanitizing hands on entering the property.
  • Property Professionals are required to screen Buyers and Tenants, using a Coronavirus Declaration form, calling for specific details. The enquiry of a client’s health and potential proximity to someone who may have Covid-19 is similar to the form required when visiting any office, hospital or public building during this State of Disaster.
  • The Coronavirus Declaration form, together with details of the safety and hygiene requirements, will be sent via email the attendees prior to a meeting or viewing, and the completed form should be returned before the meeting or viewing.
  • Permission must be granted by a Seller or Landlord to view their property and it is recommended that occupants of the property are not present for the viewing and may be asked to leave the property for the duration of the viewing time.
  • Before leaving the property after a viewing, it is the Property Professional’s responsibility to sanitize any surface that they or their visitors may have been touched.
  • Agent to ensure that hand sanitizer is positioned at the entrance of the property & is available to all attendees during the viewing process.
  • Agent to remind clients that the viewing is ‘contactless’ and surfaces may not be touched
  • Physical distancing of 2m to be maintained at all times
  • No physical contact between attendees (e.g. no hugs, no handshakes)
  • The agent (wearing gloves) will open any doors / cupboards on behalf of attendees if the property occupant is unable to.
  • Keep private viewings as brief as possible.
  • Display COVID-19 information and hygiene notices at entrance to property.
  • Agents must sanitise or use antibacterial wipes to wipe down areas that attendees may have accidentally touched (including keys to the home, door handles etc.)
  • Private viewings must be spaced sufficiently apart to allow time for sanitising after each viewing, as required, and to ensure there is no contact between potential buyers and/or renters.

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