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What to Do When Your Property Won’t Sell

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  • December 8, 2022
What to Do When Your Property Won’t Sell


Having your house on the market can be stressful, and when you do not have the desired interest from the pool of buyers in the property market, it can be both discouraging and frustrating. If you have spent money preparing your house and have already made some price reductions, it is easy to become panicked. There are some actions you can take when your home does not sell and hopefully leave you not as deflated.



Online marketing

Online marketing of your property is essential, and it is important to get it posted correctly and professionally right from the start. Marketing your property correctly online needs a sensitive and strategic approach. Select the correct channels for advertising your property online and include accurate information. This is pertinent in your comprehensive and factual descriptions with full contact details. This assists Purchasers in making efficient choices. Know the platform you are using and use clear, current photographs of your property and a professionally-created video tour of your home where possible. Discuss your marketing well with your estate agent.


When a house is not selling it is often overpriced. Purchasers become well aware of pricing when they are hunting for property in an area and often do a lot of online research before venturing out into the market. Your Estate Agent of choice should provide you with statistical proof of current house sales in your area, along with what is currently available. If you have priced your home yourself, ask an Estate Agent’s opinion on the accuracy of what you believe to be a fair asking price.

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Your Estate Agent

In some cases, your Estate Agent may be letting you down. If you feel this is the case, communicate it efficiently. A breakdown in communication and performance ultimately adds unnecessary stress to the process.

If you are selling your property privately, it may be time to consider hiring an Estate Agent. A reputable Estate Agent will solve the issues you are having, a market assessment can be made to verify the best price to present to the market, and a fresh outlook will help your home find a new owner. Experienced Estate Agents coordinate viewings and manage the finer points of the sale. There are many benefits attached to relying on the services of a professional Estate Agent who will have your best interests at heart.


Your Target Market is Off

If you consistently market your home to the wrong target group a sale is going to take a long time. You and/or your Estate Agent need to agree on the criteria and the screening of the prospective Purchasers visiting your home. Purchasers needs who are met with price, location, space, and convenience to their specific lifestyle will purchase the home.





If your area has several properties for sale, especially close to your property, it may be time to rethink your strategy. There may be a good reason why so many people seem to be selling. Your Estate Agent will advise you on how best to improve your property listing and make it more appealing to potential Purchasers. For instance, if crime levels seem to have made people want to move away from your suburb, perhaps increasing your home’s security measures. Factors such as a depressed economy, investor concerns, crime, and property pricing trends all need to be taken into account when you are trying to sell your property.

It takes only one Purchaser to conclude a sale, there is a home for everyone!



How do you get rid of a house you can’t sell?

Auction, short sale, foreclosure, lease option or sell below market value.

How can I get rid of my house fast?

The easiest way to sell is to sell to a cash buyer at the rate they are willing to offer.

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