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A Guide to Being Ready to Sell your Home

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  • November 1, 2022
A Guide to Being Ready to Sell your Home

Selling your house is a major life decision and the best outcome would be to sell your home in the shortest time possible with the maximum financial return.  You need to have an understanding of the property market and an informed choice of a local Real Estate Agent to guide you through the preparation, the listing, the online marketing, a strategic plan and a pool of potential qualified Purchasers.



Consider the factors which will contribute to a successful house sale such as the correct pricing, property market trends, and time of the year. The day the house is listed online is also a factor to consider. The first impression is the most important.  Trust the process.



A Property Condition Report now forms the basis of the Sales Agreement and as such it is imperative that you get all snags and bigger problems attended to before listing your property. Be cautious as a Seller to spend wisely on any renovations or upgrades making sure that they are areas of the home that will pay off and add value to the offering.


Estate Agent

Selling your house is a major step and as such take time and care in choosing the Estate Agent who you are comfortable with, who knows the area, has market knowledge, and comes recommended.  Your Estate Agent must be able to communicate effectively, have insight as well as agility dealing with difficult markets, people, or situations.


Estate agent with laptop Selling a home



Understand the commission clause in the Mandate from the beginning.  There are many benefits to be had from the expertise and skill of a Real Estate Agent. From the inception of this relationship, you want it to end professionally and happily for both parties.



As you are potentially paying a high fee for your Estate Agent’s services, insist on them providing professional photos and approve your video tour before it is published. A professional will know the right time of day to photograph your home and will market it using a good articulate description. Real Estate Agents do their best to ensure accuracy, but since it is your home, you know the details better than anyone so be involved.  A neat, clean home with enticing copy in a brochure or online portal will ensure a positive response.



Price and timing are crucial. The more inflated your price is, the longer the home will sit on the market. Purchasers are informed of area prices when they are looking for a potential home. A Real Estate Agent can give you informed advice as to value, movement in the market and realistic expectation.


Open House

If your home is conducive to an open house, it can be a valuable way of giving Purchasers a tour of the property before they engage with a specific Estate Agent.



Make a point of familiarising yourself with the legal aspects of selling your home.  Your Estate Agent will always advise you, but confidence in the process is reassuring as a Seller.  If you have sold your house privately, entrust the sale to a legal professional as soon as possible.



Where’s the best place to put “Open House” signs?

A rule of thumb is to place them where there’s traffic that can be drawn in but don’t overlook the importance of guiding visitors when they reach your suburb.  Some municipalities do not allow boards at all.


How do I find the best real estate seller’s agent?

Check who frequently has boards up in your area.  Ask for recommendations and do some research online.

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