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Our Systems

Our investment in developing our own in-house systems provide for seamless website marketing, and our user-friendly IT systems empower our agents offering the freedom to operate from home, a coffee shop or at an office. Agents only pay for their own internet / data usage and printing outside the office.

With our agent-centric IT systems, our vision is to continue innovating and offering IT solutions that are industry-leading

  • Navigator - authorised access to our integrated IT systems, manage business performance analytics, receive notifications, group news, and track your performance in the group, etc.
  • Listing Management System (LMS) - upload, print, market, share and manage listings and brochures from our wizard assisted IT platform to our website, other systems, and leading independent property websites.
  • Document Management System (DMS) - our electronic library providing access to all Property.CoZa documentation.
  • Knowledge Base - our online learning and training hub for our users to access manuals, tutorials, FAQs, and videos to hone their skills.
  • CRM - send or schedule pre-developed personalised e-brochures, e-newsletters, automated annual messages, business social media platforms, drip campaigns, etc. Our wizard assisted CRM tool combines effective digital marketing strategies with personal brand building, leading to recurring business.
  • Treasure Map - after sales, reporting and cashflow management system, providing electronic uploading of sales transactions, tracking and reporting functionality, and direct electronic link to the IT system used by Attorneys on our panel of attorneys. This ensures effective communication and easy update of transaction statuses.
  • Matchmaking - our electronically linked system matching your database of buyers with all available properties listed on our system.
  • Referral System - offices and agents can easily refer buyers and sellers electronically.
  • Personalised Websites - each Property Professional is equipped with their own personalised branded website showcasing their portfolio of properties available and contact details. Easily share your listing from the website to your personalised social media business pages.
  • Virtual Cards - this free digital business card is available to all our Property Professionals and can be linked to social media and other marketing tools.
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