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Join the Property Practitioners who strive to be “better by comparison.” Since our inception in 2009, Property.CoZa has become one of the fastest growing real estate companies in South Africa. This was achieved by hard work, passion and steadfast commitment. At Property.CoZa we believe that property practitioners are the heart and soul of our business and that people not only work for people, but with people. We appreciate the diligence, resilience, and commitment demonstrated by them daily and we believe they should be awarded accordingly. We take pride in selecting the very best best among the real estate agents in South Africa to join our teams. Experienced property practitioners and intern estate agents are rare assets and should be cherished and rewarded. Our offering to property practitioners is unparalleled in the real estate industry.

The following advantages offered are the contributing factors to the success of our stars:

Property.CoZa Systems and Technology for Property Professionals

Exciting news! Property.CoZa, the top real estate company in South Africa, boasts eleven cutting-edge IT systems exclusively developed and owned to cater to the needs of our Property Professionals and Franchise owners, making their lives easier with an all-in-one platform.

Our responsive systems and tools ignite our marketing strategies, making us a leading force in the industry. This is why our Property Practitioners and Franchise owners thrive within our network, growing their businesses, increasing their income, and building their personal brands alongside the Property.CoZa brand.

Our future-focused IT investment strategy, launched in 2009 by our founders, has driven our successful marketing campaigns and led to the continued growth and expansion of Property.CoZa. It's why we're one of the most dynamic and sought-after real estate brands in the industry.

At Property.CoZa, our technology empowers our passionate and dynamic team of Property Practitioners to efficiently engage with clients in an ever-changing technological landscape. Whether you're a buyer, seller, tenant, landlord, or property developer, our technology ensures you receive the best service possible.

Technological Advantages:

The use of in-house developed e-property trading, website marketing and user-friendly IT systems allowing you freedom to operate from home, a coffee shop or our offices. (agents only pay for their own internet/data usage and printing outside of the office)

These web tools include a LISTING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to load and manage listings; electronically create brochures and e-brochures at a click of a button; view real time website statistics and leads; and a buyer/seller MATCHMAKING tool. Other tools include a personalised CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT system to stay in touch with your client database by means of personalised newsletters and e-brochures. The DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM tool allows access to all documentation (document library) required to provide a professional marketing service to a point of sale. Other systems provided include an agent PERSONALISED WEBSITE, PERSONALISED VIRTUAL BUSINESS CARD (V-CARD) as well as a CHARTS AND GRAPH REPORTING MODULE, amongst others.

Free and unlimited access to property registration (deeds office) data, area statistical data as well as auto generated, PERSONALISED COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS AND PROPERTY REPORTS.

Electronically linked REFERRAL SYSTEM between offices and agents.

Free website exposure to the MAJOR PROPERTY WEBSITES by capturing a listing only once.

A revolutionary real-time tracking and reporting web tool “TREASURE MAP” that keeps both clients and agents abreast of the entire transfer (after sale) process. (updated electronically - no administrative duties required from the agent)

Buyer pre-qualification web tool (BTMOBI) - quick credit check, quick client scoring report based on banks' scoring criteria, affordability and income qualification report as well as a pre-submission calculator which includes the major banks' latest LTV (loan to value) criteria.

Ask our Relationship Managers for more information about our excellent offerings.

(no fees charged to use any of our systems or I.T. tools).

Financial Advantages:

An innovative business model that means a bigger commission split for our agents (80% to our quality full status agents*).

Additional bond origination income to our agents (i.e. 0.05% = R500 for every R1m bondable business successfully referred to our preferred service provider PFS*).

Additional, non-capped, recurring for life income stream (ever growing ANGEL / DIAMOND loyalty program*).

No desk fees, no service fees, no royalties deducted, no I.T. or system usage fees, no standard office contribution fees or any other hidden costs.

Free boards and poles.

Free weekly advertising in local media.

Free advertising on all the major property websites.

Rewards and recognition program - performances and rankings are updated electronically and visible at all times.

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Additional In-House Services:

In-house, pre-approved transfer attorneys and conveyancers linked electronically with our I.T. systems offering support and sound legal advice.

In-house financial services division (Property.CoZa Financial Services) assisting with pre-qualifying buyers as well as providing origination and bridging finance services.

Support and Development:

An experienced management team to guide and assist.

A fully operational office structure at your disposal during office hours.

Association with a team of quality professional property specialists.

A rewarding career with one of the fastest growing real estate companies in SA.

How to become a real estate agent in South Africa

After the devastating effects of the United States mortgage market in 2008, the EAAB (Estate Agency Affairs Board) changed the requirements for agents entering the real estate industry. In South Africa, an estimated two thirds of estate agents who were registered in 2008 left the industry. This left less than 40 000 individuals to practice real estate through those tough economic times. In recent years, the number of agents has been on the upswing, and a new generation of the estate agents are entering the market. There are various contributing factors and some of them include the ease of obtaining the required qualification. Those who are currently studying for their real estate qualification may not agree that it’s easy, as it is time consuming, but it is achievable. The qualification encourages newcomers to join the industry as Intern agents and learn while they earn. The 8 steps below give an overview of how to get from ‘Rookie to Principal’:

Find employment as an Intern estate agent (a Rookie) with one of the many registered estate agencies that will assist you with your journey. You will need to be under the supervision of a Principal estate agent or a full status estate agent who will act as your Mentor agent.

You will be issued with an Intern Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) by the Estate Agencies Affairs Board, our regulating authority. Within a month of receiving your FFC, you are required to start your EAAB Logbook and complete a continuous period of 12 months to equip yourself with relevant workplace experience and learning.

The Logbook will reflect the various estate agency functions, activities and assignments during the first 12 months.

The next step is to complete the Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC): Real Estate (NQF4 Qualification) in the next 12 months. A Training Service Provider will guide you on how to complete your “Portfolio of Evidence” that will be submitted to assess your competency.

An Intern estate agent may have previously obtained qualifications that, once assessed by a Training Service Provider, may provide for exemption from having to complete the full qualification, e.g. a B. Comm. An EAAB exemption is still required and the agent will need to complete a Portfolio of Evidence. A Training Service Provider should be used to give guidance on these requirements.

Should your qualification not meet the full equivalency exemption, or you worked as an estate agent previously, you may complete the FETC: NQF Level 4: Real Estate qualification by way of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Once your qualifications have been obtained and a Certificate of Competency has been received from the Services SETA, you will need to write and pass the EAAB’s Professional Designation Examination (PDE) 4, should you wish to become a full status agent. The designation for a full status agent who has passed the PDE4 is Professional Practitioner Real Estate (PPRE).

A Full Status agent may wish to become a Principal Agent, and this can be achieved after completing the NQF5 and PDE5 qualifications. The designation for an agent who has passed the PDE5 is Master Practitioner Real Estate (MPRE). With this qualification, you may apply for a Sales Manager position at one of our offices.
For more information regarding real estate qualifications, please follow this link to the EAAB. The road ahead may be challenging but definitely worth the journey!