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I have always had a passion and was mesmerized by well designed property In 2007 I started studying Architecture. Whilst I was studying at the Academy of Advanced Technology, various architects briefed us and shared their displays that provided the students some insight to their talent. My philosophy considers passion for design and self-discipline in execution. Being energetic, in my pursuance towards my ultimate goal I have qualified myself as a draftsman. So that when I became a Real Estate agent, I would know everything there is to the physical product, being property. I am focused and determined to achieve the very best in my current endeavors.

Previously I also had my own events company (mostly working with SA bands), so working with people has also been one of my expertise.
In 2012 I joined the Real Estate industry. I feel that in a team, you can achieve ultimate success. Being that property is the most valuable asset worldwide & it makes me proud to go to work every day. One of my goals is to be a figure in my community, where I can give back and setting new standards in the market. Another goal is to pursue my talent in writing music & vision on producing short films / movies like real estate marketing etc.

After 10 years as a professional Property Practitioner, I joined Property.CoZa Prosper. At this stage, I am more than capable to give advice on adding value to your home, even on were to plant a lemon tree, like next to your braai. Contact me directly for exceptional service. Stiaan Vercuiel – Residential & Development Specialist.

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