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Knowledge Base Procedure

  • FAQ
  • April 3, 2020
Knowledge Base Procedure

Property.CoZa Knowledge Base V1.5

On Navigator, when selecting Knowledge Base, it opens to display the Knowledge Base page, which has a similar look and feel to our Property.CoZa webpage and uses a URL to connect. There is no login or logout for Knowledge Base, simply Close tab as you would normally do when you are browsing websites.

You will find the Support buttons for Property.CoZa and MEMC (Email support) for Sales Managers and Office Administrators only. Agents requiring support should simply advise their Office Administrator, who will use these Support options to send and follow up on your enquiry.

More options to select from for Property.CoZa Support will display once you have completed your email address. Please select the support option required.

Use the dropdown under Support Options for your selection, e.g.:

Once you have selected the “I AM NOT A ROBOT” field and you have submitted your request, the screen will show if the message was sent successfully.

You will receive a confirmation email with a ticket reference number and a link to where you can view the progress online.

Thereafter, and with each response, the thread to the ticket will show on the email that you receive. This will make the process of knowing what the ticket was about easier for you to follow.

MEMC Support

MEMC support is the same as Property.CoZa Support but actioned by our email service provider.

It is important to note the options, and also to complete the alternative email address, especially in the event that the Property.CoZa email is experiencing issues and not be able to receive the response. Responses will only be sent to the alternative email address if the Property.CoZa email account cannot receive emails.

• The Support options must also be selected.
• The message sent successfully will also show once you’ve completed the form.

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm that your ticket has been logged.

Further response will be received via MEMC.

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